Pastoral Team

Biblical Church Leadership

The new testament lays out clear qualifications for church leadership (I Tim 3, II Tim 4, Titus 1) as well as descriptions of how church leaders are to shepherd the church (Eph 4, , I Thes 2).   In these passages it is clear that church leaders are to be directly engaged in the spiritual development of the church members, not merely board members who approve budgets.

To reflect this active leadership role, RRC is led by a team of pastors.  Staff pastors are employed by the church and lay pastors, sometimes known as “tent-maker pastors”, volunteer their time to serve. While the specific gifts and responsibilities of each pastor vary, they share a common role as spiritual leaders and shepherds of the church.


The Pastoral Team (in order of physical attractiveness):

Mike Beeler (Lay Pastor)


Dan Case (Lay Pastor)


Monte Miller (Lay Pastor)

Monte moved to the Des Moines area in 2005 with his wife Galadriel and their two children.  God blessed them with four more children, and brought them into fellowship at Timberline Church.  When Raccoon Ridge Church was planted, Monte and Galadriel felt called to join God’s work in Dallas Center.  In addition to co-leading a small group, Monte leads the technology team for RRC.


Matt Simpson (Staff Pastor)